Bike Art Trail Cardiff 2012

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Cardiff Bike Trail 2012 showcased an exhibition and trail of cycle related artworks as part of Cardiff Cycle Festival. It was held from 16th-30th June across four venues; Sho Gallery, Milkwood Gallery, PrintHaus and Milgi Lounge.

Sophie Elliott was resident artist in Milkwood Gallery and produced an installation in the basement that considered cycling trips through the Welsh landscape from Caerphilly to, and around, Cardiff.

art.spoke.soul. and Cardiff Cycle Tours teamed up to co-ordinate a unique tour of the trail on the final day of the festival. It started in Bute Town and followed parts of the Ely Trail and the feeder canal (Cardiff’s Venice, taking water from the river Taff to the Bay) to Roath, the exhibitions, and back.

Artists involved were: Sophie Victoria Elliott, Lucy Driscoll, Sarah Edmonds, Eliza Southwood, Charlotte Whitman, Rosie Gainsborough, Jacob Stead, Mary Anne Cooke, Mark Robson, Jon Bunney, Lucy Freegard, Maria Larsson, Lucy Baker, Andrew Singer, N2 Designs and Sophie Barras.

Thanks to all involved and sponsors Cyclopaedia, Reg Braddick Cycles and The Bike Shed.

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