Spring Heights And Delights

Taking advantage of the glorious spring weather we’ve been having, I headed off on a 70 mile loop taking on the Bwlch and Rhigos. Heading out past Llantrisant, the scenery began to open out through the Ogmore Vale and traffic dwindled. The climb up Bwlch was pretty arduous, but perfectly possible and with a rewarding flapjack and a backdrop looking down the Clydach Vale, the prospect of a fast descent was well worth the effort. Having speedily dropped down to Treorchy, the Rhigos was approaching; again a challenging but rewarding accomplishment. Catching a whiff of pine forest, I visualised swooping alpine descents and was quite content. The route back was much to be improved. Avoiding another climb over Maerdy, the pay off was 4 miles on the A470. Although not to be recommended, it did make for fast paced easy riding for tired legs. Next time, I’m going for Maerdy or Ynysybwl.

With Saturday’s test of endurance over, Sunday’s cake off at Made In Sping was a guilt free treat. Helen Clifford’s daffodil installation Primavera in Milkwood Gallery perfectly captured the scent of a Welsh spring experience.

Primavera, Helen Clifford.

Spokes In Spring; a ride from the museum to Milkwood had a very successful attendance of vintage clad cyclists. The evening was topped off with great humour in Milgi’s yurt with acoustic performances from Gaudy Orde, Rum Puppets, Sam and Howard, The Scarletts and The Fflip Flops.

Angus Street Spring Fiesta

Spokes In Spring from Cardiff Cycle Chic                               

Made In Roath