Work is underway!

I’m hopping around with excitement in preparation for the Cardiff Bike Art Trail 2012. Today, I have been painting Milgi’s window with Sophie Barras with a collaborative design to celebrate our love for the bicycle.

Sophie’s back tomorrow to complete it. Mary Anne Cooke and Jacob Stead have collaborated to create a Circue de Cyclisme in Sho Gallery’s window. It’s adorable!

Route maps are available from:

Milkwood Gallery, Lochaber Street;

Sho Gallery, Inverness Place;

Reg Braddick Cycles, Broadway;

The Bike Shed, Cathedral Road;

Cyclopaedia, Crwys Road;

Sustrans, Bute Street.

Tomorrow, I’ll be hanging work in The Printhaus, Llandaff Road, and next week, in Milkwood Gallery. I hope you can all make it to some events at Cardiff Cycle Festival starting this weekend. I’m certainly going to do the Peter Finch tour with Cardiff Cycle Tours. Can’t wait!

The Trick Cyclist

Two wheel tricks have been performed since the birth of the bicycle. The first trick was filmed in 1899 by Thomas Edison.

This style of riding is the origin of BMX and we have recently seen a revival of fixed gear tricks. It is likely the unicycle evolved from the penny farthing once the rear wheel was dispenced and riders experimented with how better to balcance over the front wheel, preventing unexpected deathly dismounts.

Joe Jackson from Vienna was one of the first cycling clowns and was on the world champion bicycle polo team before adopting his white faced veneer in the 20th century. Photographer and performer Mark Robson will be exhibiting some shots of the Parklife show by NoFit State Circus in the art.spoke.soul. event at Cardiff Cycle Festival this year. Bicycles and unicycles were used in the show and some community participatory events because they are part and parcel of outdoor park life. A bicycle track functioned as a stage for the main event held across a number of UK parks. A group of BMXers in Brighton were convinced into trying out the track and impressed onlookers with their riding around the circular stage.

Unicyclist Malte Knapp has a staggering repertoire of balancing acts shown here in Sweden.