Charlotte Whitman

Charlotte Whitman is an illustrator and prop-maker living in London. Using a wide variety of materials for her work, Charlotte is inspired by the world around her, focusing on people and everyday objects. She has recently been given an old bike by a friend and will have her first riding experience in a long while! In her own words she’ll be ” hitting the streets of London in a baptism of fire, covered from head to toe in padding and hopefully becoming part of the clan”.

Cycle London (above) is a piece of work Charlotte produced for an Association of Illustrators competition that aimed to promote cycling for all in London. It shows a diverse range of people from different social groups and ages, riding different styles of bicycle. The cyclists are collaged from newspaper and magazine scraps from free London publications.

I looked up Charlotte since she’d exhibited in Artcrank London at Look Mum No Hands last year and asked if she’d like to make some work for Cardiff Cycle Festival. She kindly agreed and I’m really looking forward to seeing it next month.

Charlotte Whitman

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