Andrew Singer Of Saint Paul, Minnesota

Copyright Andrew Singer

I was delighted to recieve an email from Andrew Singer submitting some images on recommendation from his friend in Japan and more so, to say he will be exhibiting in Cardiff Cycle Festival this June.

Global communications reverence aside, Andy has been drawing and publishing cartoons for 20 years. In 2001, he produced a book of cartoons and auto-biographical essays ‘CARtoons‘. It considers the negative social, economic and environmental impact of automobiles. With an interest in non-automative transport, Andy is volunteer co-chair of the cycle advocacy group Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition.

Saint Paul and Minneapolis form the ‘Twin Cities’ which has one of the highest mode shares for bicycle commuters in the US at over 5%. This is second only to Portland, Oregon and I’m assured the winters of the Twin Cities are certainly unyielding. There is an active cycle scene with various annual city bike tours, events, alley cat rides, races and monthly critical mass rides. Twin Cities are also the home of Quality Bicycle Products, one of the biggest distributors of bike parts in the US, bike rack manufacturer Dero, and Surley Bikes, making beautiful frames such as Long Haul Trucker to fill the most steadfast of hearts with wanderlust (yes..I’ve had my eye on that one for some time).

Saint Paul has recently been given ‘Bicycle Friendly City’ status by the League of American Cyclists. This provides an evaluation report that outlines the city’s achievements and need for improvements. The Bicycle Coalition is striving to establish a cycling friendly culture and infrastructure through public participation, working with politicians, traffic egineers and citizens for positive change;

Andy is hoping to complete another book this year examining the politics of highway building. Check out more of his cartoons here:

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